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Arlin Fatland - the Original Kool School

With over 50 years in the motorcycle business, Arlin Fatland is a law unto himself.

A mad man who loves choppers as much as he loves beer, Arlin builds anything he feels like in whatever style that takes his fancy.

You just never know what he will think of next.

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Biker Candy Shop - Come See us!

We have experience in parts and repairing all of your Harley Davidson needs.

We also carry a wide variety of gear and accessories made to fit your Harley lifestyle.

Come visit us in Denver!

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Original Custom Builds

Every year Arlin builds a couple of show bikes which are always different from anything that has gone before.

Unusual parts often find their way into the workshop, which may trigger him into saying “Hell yeah, lets build a bike around this.”

Check out our latest projects.

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Classic Lifestyle Brand

Shop our 2 Wheelers apparel made with pride in Denver, Colorado.

We sell motorcycle apparel and accessories that fit your Harley Davidson lifestyle.

Shop online to check out our newest shirts, hats and more.

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Celebrating 50 Years in Business!

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