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Celebrating 50 Years in Business!

Founded in 1970 and now celebrating 50 years in business, 2 Wheeler’s motorcycle shop has been a North Denver landmark since choppers and bikers weren’t even a known thing. 2 Wheeler’s MC is the brainchild of motorcycle lover and builder Arlin Fatland – part mad scientist, part eccentric artist and 100% motorcycle lover. Often called the “Biker Candy Store,” 2 Wheelers has provided quality parts, gear, merch & accessories to the biker community since day one.

Arlin Fatland, The Original Kool School

Arlin Fatland

Being a lifetime collector of custom bikes and parts, Arlin Fatland decided to establish his own shop because of the problems he had finding the parts he needed to fabricate his own original creations. Over the last 50 years, the 2 Wheeler’s have worked with nearly every kind a project from stock Harleys to entirely custom bobbers, classic panheads and knucklehead chops, and Arlin’s signature late ‘70s Arlen Ness Pencil Sharpener Sportsters.

“I like to demonstrate what’s possible to younger riders,” Arlin says. “We support all the local shows and take up to 12 rollers as examples of what a young guy can build on a limited budget.”

Arlin’s current popular creations (see our Custom Bikes page) include: a road racing knucklehead with custom 1942 motor, custom primary over belt drive and custom exhaust, a recently re-vamped 1965 road ready panhead, a 1951 chopper with all custom work and paint, and an 1967 XL Ness style digger with unique gold plating and a springer frame. Arlin is also working on two more custom builds still in progress that he plans to roll out in 2020.

Always a trendsetter, Arlin shoots to come up with something new with each bike he builds. Arlin’s bikes have been featured in numerous motorcycle publications and shows over the years like Easy Riders, Bikernet, Drag Specialties, Billy Lane Choppers Inc., and more. To this day, Arlin still continues to come up with new build ideas and 2 Wheeler’s continues to be a go-to location for anyone interested in rare and classic model bikes.

Nowadays, with his Daytona location closed for good, Arlin just focuses on providing advice and quality parts at affordable prices to motorcycle lovers with the goal of continuing to push forward chopper creativity for future generations.

“Young guys want to build old school bikes,” Arlin said, “so I try to provide frames starting at just $900 and rollers to give them the basic platform at affordable prices.”

Brief 2 Wheeler’s History – Est. 1970 in Denver, Colorado

When 2 Wheeler’s opened in the 70’s, it was a different scene. Bikers and chopper culture wasn’t accepted as a counter-culture trend like it is today and the neighborhood didn’t exactly embrace Arlin Fatland and his crew.

One day I opened a package and found five sticks of dynamite,” Arlin said. “I’m still serving customers who shot at me in the ‘70s.” 

In those days, the shop closed on Sunday and Monday to make sure the clan had time to ride. But Arlin kept his focus on producing and testing the next big build against that mile-high asphalt at 90 mph, and soon manning the shop and building bikes professionally became a full-time gig.

Three years later, while wandering around City Park in Sturgis, and noticing no options around for motorcycle parts and service, Arlin decided to open up a 2 Wheelers location in downtown Sturgis. He wanted to service all the Harley riders who rode to the Black Hills rally and find a way to continue to be in the center of the community action. Two years after that, Arlin opened another 2 Wheeler’s in Daytona to serve similar needs in Florida at Biketoberfest.

Whenever you visit our shop in Denver, you’ll also meet Arlin’s core crew – mechanic Dave John, and operations Donna Maupin.

Donna Maupin

Donna Maupin

Donna has been a craft-woman of leathers since 1972. She started off in Florida, making sandals and hand made leather goods and selling them at a store she owned in Daytona Beach. In the late 70’s  Daytona Bike Week was beginning to become a biker Mecca and creativity was a staple for the scene. This also made popular by a generation of riders who really appreciated quality hand made goods. Donna knew leather was her choice material for bikers – great for protection from the road but also possible to tailor and totally customize for individual expression.

26 years ago, Donna decided to move to Denver to open up a brand new leather goods shop. Shortly after she joined Arlin and the 2 Wheelers MC crew where she focused her time working Sturgis and Daytona stores and learning more about parts riding. Donna enjoys the Rockies and meeting lots of great customers.

Donna says she and Arlin are “very fortunate to live the life we do, and do the life we love. It’s a great journey with adventures and friends.”

Dave John

Dave John

Dave has worked as a mechanic and sales at the counter for 2 Wheelers since the early days. Dave met Arlin when 2 Wheelers first opened their doors as a customer, finding the shop to be one of the only places in town he liked for buying parts for his own creations.  Dave and Arlin became friends and would meet over beers to discuss their next custom creations.

One day, having lost his own mechanic, Arlin offered Dave the job and he agreed so long as they “stayed friends first and the work came second”.

They remained friends and have worked together for over 40 years now.

50 Years of 2 Wheeler’s MC Motorcycle Shop in Denver, Colorado

Still famous for shutting down the streets and bringing the cops every year for whopping customer appreciation parties, and for annual Christmas parties benefiting local charities, 2 Wheeler’s represents the classic old-time bike shops.

Covered in parts, gear, and memorabilia from the old days, 2 Wheeler’s is a place to come for classic bikes; not just to get a rare part or a retro-style t-shirt, but to take a tour into a modern history of motorcycle culture and check out wildly creative custom choppers built from a master with his own unique eye for design and style.

Never bound to one specific trend and too hip to be “old school,” the 2 Wheeler’s MC considers themselves “kool school” – their own eclectic mix of the old, the new, and whatever comes out of Arlin’s head.

You can pretty much always find Arlin, Donna and Dave at the 2 Wheeler’s shop – ready to tell a story, give you a lil’ bit of friendly shit, offer some advice on how take your bike to the next level, and hook you up with a unique piece of biker merch to show off at your next rally.

This place is now a destination to come and see: a blast from the past that no one makes it like anymore, so come on by!

We’re grateful to continue to serve the biker community after these 50 great years and hope you stop by to see it for yourself soon.