Custom Motorcycle Builds

What Will He Think of Next?

Arlin’s custom bikes appear to have no identifiable style, unlike those of most other builders, whose creations can more often than not be immediately recognized. Arlin is a law unto himself and builds anything he feels like in whatever style that takes his fancy. Every year he builds a couple of show bikes which are always different from anything that has gone before. Unusual parts often find there way into his workshop, which may trigger him into saying ” Hell yeah, lets build a bike around this.” You just never know what he will think of next.


  • 1942 motor built with Steve Ruby
  • Ness Digger Frame
  • Road Racing Front End
  • Custom Primary Over Belt Drive
  • Custom Exhaust Bob Schenck

Old Panhead 1965

  • Fresh motor new tires new clutch.

Panhead Chopper 1951

  • Jammer Frame
  • 1940 Ford tail light
  • Motor work and Tranny by Steve Ruby
  • Paint by George
  • All Custom work, Dash, pipes floorboards by Dennis Goodson and 2Wheelers
  • Air cleaner off a four barrel car

XL Digger 1967

  • Early Ness style Digger
  • Special Gold Plating and Engraving
  • Custom Paint
  • Custom Frame, Oil Tank
  • Ness springer

Look for the Original

Arlin’s custom styles are one of kind. We DO NOT sell our motorcycles through other vendors and this is our ONLY official website. Accept no imitations and be sure to contact the official 2 Wheelers for any questions!